Benefits Of Commercial Real Estate Research Services For Small Business Owners

31 March 2022
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Small business owners encounter various hurdles that threaten their company's success. These challenges are worse because owners lack the financial muscle that big corporations have to bail them out of these challenges. Thus, those running startups and small enterprises must make good decisions to ensure their business is on the right path. For example, small business owners should hire qualified professionals for advice when selecting the business location because it impacts their growth and development. Read More 

Cloud Data Storage: Why Your Business Needs It

11 February 2022
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According to statistics, approximately50% of all corporate business data is stored in the cloud as of 2021. That means most businesses are now using cloud solutions for all sorts of corporate data, including sales data, customer contact information, website traffic statistics, social media campaign info, market research statistics, and warehouse and inventory data. These are vital in determining ROI (return on investment), improving decision-making, and predicting consumer behavior and marketing trends. Read More