Brass 9mm May Be Best For You And Your Business

24 May 2022
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If you own a shooting range, you are a hunting guide, or you are in another business where you would have a need for a large amount of 9mm ammunition, then learn about brass 9 mm ammo. You have the option of going with brass or steel ammo, and this article is going to provide you with some information to help you better understand why brass might be best. Below is information on the positive attributes of brass and other things you should know:

Brass is worth the money

Some people try to shop for the best-priced ammo, and this can lead them to brass in some cases. On the chance that you see steel is lower, consider the advantages of brass and go this route. Once you finish this article, it will be more clear that you should simply be shopping for brass 9mm and not paying attention to the rest. 

Brass ammo will normally seal better and run cleaner

Something that you want to consider is the fact that brass 9mm ammo is known by many as having a better chamber seal than other ammo. When ammunition has a good chamber seal, it means that there is going to be less blow black that will go into the chamber and receiver. The reason why brass gets such a good chamber seal is that brass material is quite malleable, so it will expand to the point of fitting nicely in the chamber. Having less of the powder and gas blowing back into the gun with each shot is a positive thing because it lessens the risk of the gun malfunctioning on you. 

Brass ammo can be reloaded

As someone whose business revolves around the use of ammo, you will also be interested in knowing that brass ammunition can be reloaded. In fact, it can be reloaded several times, safely. You can even purchase brass in bulk for a good rate that can then be reloaded. However, if you aren't prepared to purchase a large bulk order, then smaller amounts can be purchased as well. Since the brass is malleable, small imperfections can be fixed correctly and easily. 


Now that you have a better understanding of just a few of the reasons why brass 9mm ammo is considered to be the superior ammo, your purchasing decision should become easier when it comes to the needs of you and your business.

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