Cloud Data Storage: Why Your Business Needs It

11 February 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

According to statistics, approximately 50% of all corporate business data is stored in the cloud as of 2021. That means most businesses are now using cloud solutions for all sorts of corporate data, including sales data, customer contact information, website traffic statistics, social media campaign info, market research statistics, and warehouse and inventory data. These are vital in determining ROI (return on investment), improving decision-making, and predicting consumer behavior and marketing trends. Below are various reasons why cloud data storage solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

1.       Security

Experts design cloud storage to be as secure as possible. Therefore, if you haven't switched to using cloud solutions because you are worried about their safety, don't fret. First, cloud solutions are redundant. That means when you upload data to the cloud, several copies get created instantly.  These copies are stored in multiple servers run by certified data centers. That means your data is always safe even when a particular server fails unexpectedly. You can also boost security by encrypting all the data you want to store in the cloud. Doing that prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive information. Besides, reputable cloud service providers use cybersecurity experts to monitor their cloud networks 24/7. That puts them in a better position to detect and lock out potential intruders.

2.       Scalability

If your company collects customer data through surveys, online tracking, transactional data tracking, and social media monitoring, among other techniques, choosing a scalable cloud storage solution is crucial. The reason is as your business grows, its customer base expands too. And the more customers you have, the bigger the collected data. Fortunately, cloud storage is highly flexible and scalable. That is so because most cloud storage service providers allow you to upgrade the current service plan when the storage package offered is inadequate. Plus, upgrading saves you from the hassles of transferring the excess data from one storage location to another because cloud experts add the space you need to the existing storage environment. And to make things better, service plan upgrades come with additional, optimized features such as security updates.

3.       Disaster recovery

Go with cloud services if you want a data storage solution that helps you recover quickly in a disaster. Besides, preparing for catastrophic events like flooding and fire, which damage vital systems like computer hardware and result in massive data loss, is crucial for every business owner. That is more so since losing critical data tarnishes your company's image, deals a hefty blow on your finances, impairs productivity, and often brings about serious legal ramifications. All these have the potential of forcing you out of business. Cloud solutions help you avoid such repercussions by ensuring you have the option of retrieving data from a backup plan when your systems are affected by a disaster.