Why You Should Always Use Professional Well Drilling Services

2 November 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Whether you are creating a well in your own property or for a business, well drilling is a thriving industry across America with many tools, equipment, and professionals working in this field. Because of the number of options you have, many people decide to attempt well drilling on their own after hiring some equipment. The truth is that trying to drill a well is not a simple process, and that is something you quickly find out when you try to do it for yourself. Here are three reasons why you should hire well drilling services no matter how big or small the task.

1. Getting Permission

The first reason why well drilling is best left to the professionals is that you need to get correct permission from your local or even state government before you start construction. Different states have different zones where you can and cannot drill holes, and if you want special permission then you need to use the experts who have done it all before. The last thing you want is an additional fine worth tens of thousands of dollars just because you forgot to do your due diligence and are digging a well in a prohibited area. 

2. Stabilizing

It is not enough to simply dig the well, you also need to make sure that it will not collapse in on itself within a few months. That is why special casings need to be applied, particularly at the mouth of the well. There is a lot of pressure in the area around the mouth of the well, and without this opening having reinforcement, it will collapse sooner rather than later, possibly taking any unlucky person standing around there with it. Professional well drilling services include the stabilization of the well to keep it safe for you and your employees or family.

3. Contamination

The last thing you want is to dig a well only to find out later on that you either accidentally contaminated it yourself, or the water was always poisoned from the start anyway. Well drilling services include the testing of the water and have special precautions in place that makes sure if the water is potable that it is not infected during the creation of the well. If you are not careful and try to create a well on your own it is very easy to either allow the earth and minerals above the water line to seep down or to accidentally contaminate the water with petrol or other toxic chemicals used by your equipment.