Why Detectable Pens Are So Important in Food Production

2 November 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

One of the most important industries in the world is the safe production of food for human consumption, from meats to vegetables and everything in between. During this process, often the food needs to go through factories, either to be weighed, cut, sorted or packaged before it can be sent to the stores for consumption. While there, the food, no matter what it is, will often need to be marked or notes will need to be written down about it, and the only way to safely do this in a sterile environment is to use detectable pens.

What Are Detectable Pens?

Detectable pens are made from very few parts but with a high build quality. They are generally made out of either very strong plastics or metal, which is more common, and they can write on virtually any surface you need, from the skin of a fruit to the glass window of a car. These pens are specifically made to be used in factories and warehouses across America to ensure that nothing gets lost into the product, which could cause costly delays in production time. That is why most companies make it a rule that when you are out in the production floor or on the assembly line, detectable pens must be used.

Contingency Plan

If worst comes to worst and the detectable pen does fall into the food then there are still several contingency plans in place:

  • The pen does not have any small parts that can break off and become a choking hazard.
  • Because the pen is metal many places install metal detectors as the product leaves the warehouse to see if anything metal is inside, thereby stopping it before it reaches the public.
  • The ink is non-toxic and won't hurt anyone if it is accidentally eaten.

Is It Really Worth It?

The alternative to not putting precautions in place to stop the contamination of your food by simple pens and pencils is to have the whole warehouse or factory shut down for days on end while a review is conducted. That is what can happen if a pen or pencil, or even a small piece of one, is found in the food by a customer. Not only does this cost you thousands of dollars, if not more, but it can be a real hassle and something easily preventable with one set of detectable pens that you can keep for years. 

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