Tips for Bailing Someone Out of Jail Over a Long Holiday Weekend

2 November 2020
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Holiday weekends are supposed to be about fun, but sometimes, they get ruined by an unexpected arrest of a loved one. If someone close to you has been arrested over a holiday weekend, you might be wondering if there is anything that you can do to help. You might be hoping that you can bail your loved one out of jail as soon as possible. If so, then you will probably want to check out these tips.

Find a 24/7 Bail Bond Service

Some bail bondsmen only work during regular business hours. However, there are a lot of bail bondsmen who work on holidays and weekends and who work late at night. If your loved one has been arrested over a holiday weekend, then you will probably need to work with a 24/7 bail bond service so that you will not have to wait until after the weekend has ended to get them out of jail.

Find a Service That Will Work with You from a Distance

If your loved one went on a quick vacation for the holiday weekend and was arrested at their destination, then you might be panicking. If you're in another city or state, you might not think that you will be able to help your loved one, or you might assume that you will have to physically go to the city or town that they're in so that you can help. However, this typically is not necessary. There are many bail bondsmen out there who will work with a defendant's loved one who might be in another city or state. This is particularly common in tourist destinations. If you aren't sure, try calling a bail bondsman who is located near the area where your loved one was arrested; then, you can let them know that you aren't in the same place, and you can ask for their assistance.

Be Prepared to Wait

Unfortunately, arrests are not uncommon during long holiday weekends. People often drink heavily during holiday weekends, and law enforcement officers often host campaigns for things like arresting drunk drivers during these times. Therefore, if your loved one was arrested, there is a very good chance that they were not the only one who was arrested over the holiday weekend. This means that it might take slightly longer for the bail bondsman and the jail to handle everything when it's time to bail your loved one out. If you are patient and if you work with a good company, you should be able to bring your loved one back home.

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