4 Interior Painting Ideas

17 September 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you are considering hiring an interior painting service to paint your room, look at these four suggestions that professional painters can help you actualize in your home.

Accent Wall 

When deciding on a painting scheme to give your painting service, consider an accent wall. Accent walls are one wall colored differently than the others (which are usually a neutral color like white, cream, or beige). An accent wall is a splash of color that gives your room character without being overwhelming. Have your bedroom walls painted a bright white with a sea-green accent wall behind your bed for an enchanting look. Accent walls are a bold choice and a professional interior painter can help you pick the right kind of paint to match your imagination.


Neutrals are more than just a safe choice to have your walls painted; they are soft and blending, giving you options with your other decor. Choose a neutral color, like eggshell white, when you have a lot of textures going on, like an exposed brick wall or fireplace and brushed iron wall fixtures. Interior painting services may even charge less for a neutral color since they may not need to do as many coats to cover the walls. 

Bold Colors 

If you love color, go brave and bold. Professional painters can handle even the most vivid shade, giving you an even and clean color. Choose a deep eggplant purple for your dining room paired with a dark mahogany table and a crystal chandelier for an elegant look that is sure to grab anyone's attention. Keep in mind that some colors need specific colored primer coats, and a good interior painting company will be able to steer you in the right direction


A two-tone paint job has two different colors on the walls, usually separated by a trim or border, but sometimes left exposed. Using two different colors can add interest to a room, and a professional painting service can help you choose two shades that will look perfect together. Choose a pale sand color and a deeper taupe color together with a white border and a red and gold patterned rug for a warm and inviting living room. A two-tone paint job can be tricky since the lines need to be clean and precise.

Interior painting services can add some character to your home. Contact a few local companies to learn more about these and other techniques.