Why Commercial Fire Extinguisher Inspections Are Important

18 May 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you run a business, chances are good that you have multiple fire extinguishers set up in various areas of the property. If your business owns even one fire extinguisher, it is smart to acquaint yourself with the idea of having fire extinguisher inspections done. Working with a local fire extinguisher inspection company is important for these reasons and more.

Abide By Local Fire Safety Requirements

One of the main reasons why you might have fire extinguishers in place throughout your business is because you might be required to do so. The fire safety requirements in many areas require that commercial properties have certain types of fire extinguishers in place, depending on the various fire threats that might be present within the business.

Not only are you probably required to have a certain number of fire extinguishers within the property, but you are probably also required to ensure that those fire extinguishers are ready for use. For example, you are probably required to be mindful of expiration dates on your fire extinguishers, and you might be required to have them inspected with a certain frequency. These laws and requirements are in place in many areas, although they can vary from place to place.

A local fire extinguisher inspection company should employ individuals who are familiar with these requirements and who can keep you properly informed about the rules that you are supposed to follow in regards to your fire extinguishers. They can also help you with meeting requirements related to inspections. To ensure that you are in compliance with these rules, make sure that you work with a licensed and certified fire extinguisher inspection service in your area.

Help Keep Customers and Employees Safe

Of course, another reason why you probably have fire extinguishers in place in your building is so that you can keep your employees and customers safe in the event of a fire. Naturally, you don't want you or your employees to find out at the wrong moment that your fire extinguishers do not work like they are supposed to, or that they do not work at all. Having fire extinguisher inspections done can help you ensure that you can count on your fire extinguishers when you need them, which can be very helpful in keeping your customers and employees safe.

Avoid Replacing Fire Extinguishers Prematurely

Lastly, commercial fire extinguisher inspections can help you avoid replacing fire extinguishers prematurely. After all, if you find that your fire extinguishers pass inspection, then you can avoid replacing them until later. For these reasons, you should look into a fire extinguisher inspection at your business.