How Construction Companies Benefit From Screw Piles For Deep Foundations

18 May 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

When it comes to building deep foundations within the ground, one of the best types of anchoring systems is a screw pile. If these are used for foundation purposes, a construction team can benefit in the following ways. 

Quick Installation

Having a long and drawn-out process when it comes to preparing deep foundations isn't ideal because it can cause delays, which then result in added costs. Construction workers don't have to worry about a lengthy process when screw piles are used.

They don't require a lot of complicated equipment to get set up. Rather, all that's required is an excavator and a hydraulic motor. That's it. Getting this equipment set up to install the screw piles doesn't take very long. The equipment also doesn't require a bunch of help. One operator and maybe a couple of other workers can take care of this installation.

Minimal Site Disturbance

If a construction site is heavily disturbed, the crew has to go back in and re-work the ground conditions. Not only are these operations physically demanding, but they can be expensive as well. These issues can be circumvented with screw piles, fortunately.

That's because they offer minimal site disturbance thanks to their screw design. They'll effortlessly screw deep into the ground via simple equipment, and there won't be an extensive cleanup once the piles are into position. The construction crew can then move on to the next screw pile and work as efficiently as possible.

Immediate Loading Capabilities

There are a lot of foundation systems that require a long wait time before they can bare any type of weight. That just drags out the construction project and prevents crew members from moving on to the next stage. This won't be an issue with screw piles.

As soon as they're anchored deep into the ground, they can immediately hold weight without any issues. There won't be any waiting around for concrete to dry or systems to set in place. Rather, they'll be good to go quickly and this ultimately helps speed up the construction project. That's key when a construction crew is on a tight deadline. 

Creating deep foundations requires a lot of effort, but it doesn't have to be as difficult when screw piles are used. These innovative anchoring systems are being used more and more by construction companies today, and it's easy to see why considering how advantageous they are on construction sites. 

For more information or questions regarding using a screw pile as a foundation method, reach out to your local experts.