Moving Your Business Into A New Building

22 April 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

The process of moving your business to a new building can be a major challenge regardless of whether the building is close or far away. While this can be a daunting challenge for your management team, it can be possible to effectively plan and prepare for this type of undertaking.

Take The Chance To Eliminate Unneeded Equipment And Supplies

A move can be an excellent opportunity for management to eliminate unneeded or otherwise unused items and equipment. In addition to reducing the complexity of the moving process, this step will also help to lower the costs of moving the business as you will not need to pay for packing and moving the unneeded equipment. When disposing of these items, you should generally consider an option that provides some type of return, such as selling the items for scrap metal as this can help to defray some of the expenses associated with relating the business. Additionally, you may also be able to donate some of these supplies, which may provide for tax deductions or other benefits.

Prioritize Core Systems And Equipment

Deciding on the order of packing and moving the equipment in your business will be an important logistical decision. Choosing to prioritize the most important core systems and components of the business can help to minimize the amount of downtime that the enterprise experiences as a result of the move. For businesses that rely on manufacturing or other industrial equipment, this can allow for these key systems to be installed so that the business will be able to resume at least partial operations before the entire move has been completed.

Create An Inventory Of The Items Being Moved

Staying organized during the course of a move can be among the most challenging aspects of this process. Unfortunately, being disorganized during the move can be a serious problem as it can make it harder to know what packing remains to be done or what items have already been moved. Creating a thorough inventory of all the equipment, products and supplies that will need to be moved can make it much easier to divide this work as well as to track the work that has occurred.

Have Workers Clean Their Stations

Before the move occurs, it can also be advisable to have all of your workers thoroughly clean their stations and desks. This can limit the amount of dust that is brought into the business's new building. In fact, failing to do this simple task can dramatically reduce the air quality in the new location, but a light cleaning can easily mitigate these problems.

If your business is preparing for a move, consider hiring commercial movers to help the job go smoothly.