How To Get The Most Out Of Courier Delivery

22 October 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Courier delivery services can be very convenient when you need to get something to its destination quickly and securely. While it might seem like the company handling a  package does all the work, there are 5 things you can do to improve the process and get the most bang for your buck.

Have a Pickup and Drop-Off Area

Setting aside some space just for shipments and packages can simplify the entire process, especially if you're going to be sending items regularly. Delivery people will become familiar with the layout of your building, and that will allow them to grab items and get going much more quickly. When you're shipping anything large, try to have your pickup area close to where the delivery vehicle can park and collect it, too. If possible, have a staff member present to answer questions and sign off on documents.

Keep a Tight Schedule

Asking for specific collection and drop-off times is another way to streamline the process. Make an effort to have packages fully prepared for shipment in advance of your appointed time. Place items in desired pickup locations in a timely manner, too.

Provide Quick Access

If you have any sort of security or authorization setup at your location, you may want to set up a way for delivery drivers to get through it faster. Particularly with regular deliveries and drop-off, you can give the driver necessary permissions and passes to speed them along. If strict security is necessary and cannot be set up for a driver, inform the company of this in advance so they can build in more time for their trip to your site.

Use Solid Packaging

Nothing makes a mess of a courier delivery more than having poor packaging. Make sure your packages are the right dimensions for shipment by asking the company about their requirements. If you need to ship something unusually or awkwardly shaped, provide them advance notice so they can plan the space in the vehicle accordingly.

Get the Paperwork Straight

Especially when shipping across state or international lines, you want to be sure that all the paperwork for your item is in order. Know the rules for moving your specific type of package into and out of the country. If paperwork has to be presented to officials, make sure it is clearly attached with a packet and a protective pouch. Include a phone number so you can be contacted if there are any issues.