Why Business Owners Need Video-Based Training

29 July 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Most business owners know that employee training is important, but few truly understand just how important it is. Statistics show that as much as 40 percent of workers will leave a job in the first year as a result of poor or inadequate training. That's a lot of turnover that's costly in recruiting and lost man-hours. If you are developing a training plan for your business, you should really consider working with a video production company to create video-based training. Here are a few reasons why video-based training is preferable to book and lecture approaches.

Video Clearly Conveys The Message

If you hand out pre-printed training materials, there's no guarantee that all of your inbound employees are going to perceive the information the same way. Text-based materials are open to interpretation, as is proven by the common misunderstandings in phone texts. Lecture-based training still leaves room for confusion if the visual materials are lacking or employees are uncomfortable asking questions.

When you opt for video-based training, the employees have audio and visual input that clearly shows exactly what they need to do. This eliminates a lot of the potential confusion because employees can watch the process as it is being described.

Video Is Widely Accessible

If you opt for video-based training, you will have a better chance of your employees completing training before they actually start work, saving you time and money on the in-house training and potential travel required to complete it. Employees can access video training from anywhere and at any time, even from their mobile phones.

Video Is Trackable

Your video training is easy to monitor to ensure that employees complete their training when they are supposed to. You can easily see when and where videos are accessed to eliminate any potential issues with employees not completing training tasks.

In addition, it eliminates the risk of employees simply skimming printed materials or zoning out in a live training session. You can be sure that they are paying attention, especially if your video production company can help you create interactive videos.

Video Is More Engaging

Video has become a popular media source in recent years, with video taking over compared to photos in social media platforms and other communications. That means that creating video-based training will allow you to provide engaging and entertaining training sessions for all of your employees.

Video Is Affordable

When you consider the production costs of your video training compared to the broad reach of that video content, the return on investment is significant with this type of training. You will be able to reach employees all over the world, even your remote workers, without having to pay for the travel and lodging required for a local training course.

This expands your reach, allowing you to get more for your initial investment. You'll only have to record the video once, but you can use it repeatedly for new hires and as refreshers for your current employees.

Video Reaches Every Learning Style

A video production company can help you create training videos that cater to every learning style. Audio learners will have the video's audio recording while visual learners will be able to watch the steps being carried out. Text-based learners can follow along with subtitles, making it possible for all of your staff to learn well from the same single training tool.

As you can see, video-based training is a great investment for businesses. Talk with a local video production company like Motion Video LLC today to see how you can convert your company's training materials to a video format for your new employees. They will be glad to help you with your plans.