The German Armed Forces Badge Of Military Proficiency

10 December 2018
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German military badges are sometimes offered for military proficiency. The German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency is used to decorate members of the Federal Republic of Germany's armed forces. 

Still, many people may be interesting in collecting the badge but know little about it. Here is a bit of information to help you better understand this award.

Who in the Military Can Receive These Proficiency Badges?

The German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency may be earned by a service member of any rank. Additionally, it is not restricted solely to German service members. A person serving in the armed forces of an approved allied nation may also receive the badge. In fact, the badge may be awarded to a U. S. military service person.

What Requirements Must Be Met to Receive the Award?

To receive the German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency, a military service person must fulfill the following:

  • Successful completion of a first aid class. The awarded individual must complete a training course that teaches first aid for combat settings.
  • Fitness training. The candidate is tested for physical fitness, using sprinting and arm strength measures.
  • Swimming. The person must be able to swim for a set period while wearing a designated uniform. 
  • An evaluation report from a superior officer. A commanding officer must issue a report confirming that the person's moral and physical standards are adequate.
  • Marching on foot. The service person must march for a set distance while carrying a sack of a specific weight.
  • Nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) suit training. The service personnel must show that they can successfully don the proper clothing needed to protect them from a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack.
  • Shooting accuracy. The marksmanship of the candidate is tested and must show that person can proficiently use a variety of weapons. The candidate also must show accuracy at various distances, target types, and physical positions while shooting.

What Does the Badge Look Like?

The award, which is made of metal, includes an oak leaf wreath surrounding an eagle in the center of the badge. The badge may be forged from bronze, gold, or silver. Additionally, if the recipient has earned the award for several years, a number may appear at the bottom of the badge, designating the number of times the service person was awarded.

The badge is affixed to a black ribbon.

To learn more about the German Armed Forces Badge of Military Proficiency, or other German military badges, schedule a consultation with a military specialist in your local area.