Position A Copier To Sell Its Services For You

13 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Copy machines can draw in a decent amount of revenue for a pharmacy, consignment shop, or any other small business that wishes to make a little extra revenue charging for copies. Color copiers may draw in even more customers and additional profits if the price per copy effectively competes with pricy print shops. Offering copy services won't be all that beneficial if customers don't know about the copying. Properly positioning the copiers in the store to maximize promotional and branding value, however, could deliver a lot. Here are some simple ways a copier can be more strategically positioned:

Here are some simple ways a copier can be more strategically positioned:

Don't Rely Solely on Signs

Posting a sign noting the availability of copy services and the price should catch some eyes. Still, a lot of customers won't see the postings. While signs help, they should not be relied upon exclusively. Instead, allow the copy machine to sell itself. A small sign can be missed, but not so with a properly-placed copy machine.

Be Sure Customers See the Machine

Proper placement really does count a great deal. Keeping the copy machine behind the counter may reduce the chances of anyone causing damage, but the measure might create a not-so-minor problem. Scores of customers may never know the copier and copy services exist. To increase awareness, the copier should be placed in a much more visible and marketing-friendly way. Placing the machine near items people common purchase definitely keeps the machine in people's field of vision.

Broadcast What the Copier Can Do

Taping a sign to the copier may inform customers about things other than price and paper size. Noting that "full-color copies make nice brochures" could prove attractive to a segment of customers. Maybe someone has a charity drive he/she wants to promote. Creating full-color brochures may help the cause. Why not make those brochures at your store instead of a print shop five miles away to showcase the quality of your prints?

Touch Up the Copier

If possible, a decent paint job on the body of the copier could further help it stand out. No real reason exists to stick with a dull gray or silver-metallic look. As long as painting the copier doesn't cause any harm, doing so could make it a bit flashier. Anything that grabs attention benefits both the store and the profit side of offering copy services.