Going Hollywood? 4 Types of Information Assurance Jobs Available in the Film Business

10 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Articles

A career in the movies doesn't necessarily mean that you have to have a career as a director, actor, or screenwriter. There are thousands of positions that help keep Hollywood churning and providing entertainment for everyone involved.

If you've spent years studying information technology and computer security in college, then you have a variety of career options available for you in Hollywood. Once you have your degree, you can begin searching for information assurance jobs in the movie business. Knowing what types of jobs to search for can make a huge difference on your ability to find your ideal spot in the movie industry.

Streaming Networks

Long gone are the days of film reels, vaults, and transfer via VHS tapes and DVDs. A large portion of Hollywood is now dedicated to streaming networks. There are numerous streaming video services that you can chose from. Along with general streaming services, many movie studios and television networks have their own dedicated streaming network that provides content to viewers.

As an information assurance worker, you can help ensure that these systems are stable and not vulnerable to an attack. When customers sign up for these networks, it's important to protect their data and ensure that they are not vulnerable to a cyber attack. Another part of the position may also include protecting the actual content from hacking, illegal downloads, or any type of changes to the source code. This would be a pretty stable career that helped deal with any upgrades or changes that a streaming service goes under.

Movie Studios & Production

Movie studios invest millions of dollars into their productions. With so much money on the line, it's important for the studios to have proper cyber production. For a single movie, protection and security is needed for screenplay files, film footage, contracts, and any other documents that are used in the film. Many studios will have large databases that are filled with this content. When these databases are connected to a network, it's important to keep them protected and ensure that nothing is vulnerable to the outside world. Along with preventing hacking from the outside, an information assurance position will also protect the data from any hardware failures or software issues that could result in the loss of content.

Special Effects Companies

Movies these days often rely on special effects and CG creations to provide thrills and excitement. These graphics and designs are often rendered using sophisticated computers and connected networks that can process the effects and integrate them into the film. Keeping these computers protected is a huge responsibility and there are a lot of information assurance positions available for this task. Along with special effects companies, computer animation companies and video companies also need these positions. This gives you a broad range of career options based on the section of Hollywood that you are interested in.

Digital Copyright Protection

One of the biggest hindrances going against Hollywood is illegal downloads of movies and other content. Removing illegal copies and eliminating hacks is one way to help fight this hacking and prevent millions of dollars of losses from the movie companies. Through this position, you can help track leaks of video content both externally and internally within a company. Internally, you can set up security and measures to help track any suspicious employee behaviors.

You may also be able to get a position with some type of law enforcement agency to help track down criminals and prove that the digital content was stolen from them. These various positions can help protect the world of Hollywood and give you a lot of great career options.

Once you've narrowed down your field, you can start searching through information assurance job postings to find the ideal career that you're seeking.