Funeral Home Services To Consider Even If You Aren't Planning A Memorial

10 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Sometimes, loved ones do not wish to have a wake or funeral at all. This could be due to religious preferences or a desire for you to save money. However, this does not mean that you won't be in need of some funeral home services to care for your relative after he or she passes. Here are just a few services to discuss with your funeral home director to ensure your loved one gets the treatment he or she deserves during this sad time for your family.

Cosmetic Care And Dressing

Even if you choose not to have a viewing at all, you may still be concerned about giving your loved on the proper sendoff with nice clothing and professionally done makeup and hair. Your funeral home can arrange for these services and can give you a private viewing before transporting the casket to the cemetery, so you can rest easy knowing your loved one was treated with dignity and respect. 

Caskets And Cremation Containers

You will likely need either a casket or cremation container regardless of the funeral plans for your loved one. Your funeral home director can help you to select the proper vessel that fits your budget while also meeting your relative's personal sense of style. If you opt for cremation and prefer not to have an urn, your funeral home director will make sure that the cremains are returned to you in a safe container. For families with budget constraints, the funeral home director can also show you more affordable casket and urn options.

Washing Or Embalming

Embalming is not always necessary, particularly if you are not hosting a viewing or funeral service. You may be able to save money on burial costs by avoiding this step, but you will still likely want to have the body washed, disinfected, and prepared for burial. Your funeral home director can tell you what the laws are in your state regarding embalming, and he or she can help you to determine which option is right for your situation.

Embalming may be in violation of your loved one's religion, so be sure to discuss his or her beliefs with the funeral home director so you can make the appropriate decisions regarding burial.

Not everyone wants a public funeral and wake, but remember to take the time you need to say goodbye to your loved one as you plan the burial or cremation. You don't have to have a service to say goodbye, and you'll want to remind your family members of this in case they get upset about the lack of funeral. Be sure to discuss all your available options with the funeral home director to ensure your loved one's wishes are respected.