Top Features to Look for in a Gun Safe for Your Place of Business

1 February 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

With crime rates high and the basic security sometimes not being enough, it is not at all uncommon for business owners to invest in a gun to keep on their business property in states that allow it. If you are a business owner who has invested in a gun for property protection, you should know that having an adequate gun safe is a necessary part of the equation. However, buying a gun safe can be a little difficult because there are so many different options. Take a peek at some of the features you should be looking for in a gun safe you plan to keep at your place of business. 

Study Construction

Most gun safes you will find are created from steel, but not every steel gun safe is manufactured equally. In general terms, the thicker the steel of the gun safe, the better it will be for housing a firearm in a public place. Gun safes with thicker steel walls offer a few advantages. One, they are not as lightweight, which means they would be much harder to maneuver if someone was trying to take the safe out of your building. Secondly, thicker gauge steel housing means the safe would be much more difficult to cut or drill through.

Secure Locking Mechanism

The type of lock you choose with a gun safe is one of the most important features. There are many different locks on these types of safes, from the basic key lock to combination locks and those even more complex. You may assume a basic lock is a good idea because it gives you faster access to the safe in a hurry, but there are more secure locks that are just as fast to access. For example, locks that require a pin code entry or bio-identifier, such as a thumbprint, can be opened within seconds and these locks are far more secure than basic key locks. 

 Well-Designed Door

If there is one place that is weaker than the rest of the gun safe, it is the door itself because this is the one part of the unit that cannot be solid. Take a close look at any gun safe you are considering bringing into your business and make sure the door is built to a high quality standard. There should be hardly any gaps between the door and its frame because just a small slit is enough to allow something inside to pry the door open.