Storing Your Furniture In A Storage Unit? Protect It With Desiccant Packs

27 January 2017
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High quality wooden furniture usually adds a dash of style wherever it is installed. The only problem is that this type of furniture is relatively expensive. It is also vulnerable to weather elements such as moisture. This is so especially when stored over long periods in a storage unit.

Moisture is one of the most notorious furniture destroyers. It not only encourages mold to form on furniture, but also accelerates the rate at which wood splits and rots. This, in addition to the fact that most affordable storage units are prone to having high humidity levels, makes it easy to lose the aesthetic value of your furniture. The good news is that if you are storing your furniture in a storage facility, there is an easy way of shielding it from the damaging effects of air moisture. Here is what you should do.

Collect the necessary materials

To make an effective drying agent, you will need a desiccant and something to store the desiccant. Silica gel is an effective desiccant that can be easily purchased from the local store. As for the container, tea bags have always proven effective. This is because they have the ability of holding the silica gel particles, while also allowing them to be exposed to the environment. Go for ones that are usually sealed by a staple. They are easy to open, will generally hold more silica gel particles and are also easy to close.

Make the silica gel packs

Start by removing the staple on the tea bag. Do this by using a pliers to pry open each end of the staple and then pull it off. After you are done, empty the bag of any tea particles. With the bag empty, refill it with silica gel particles. And when doing so, make sure that you leave enough room to allow for resealing the bag. Finish up by closing the bag's ends and then stapling it shut. To make more desiccant packs, simply repeat the process.

Place the packs in your storage unit

To get rid of any furniture-damaging humidity, simply place the packs in the storage unit. The silica gel particles will absorb any excess humidity from the air and will as a result reduce the risks of your furniture warping, splitting or rotting. As the particles absorb more moisture, they will get wet and turn blue in color. All you will have to do to restore their moisture-absorbing properties is to warm them in an oven. To learn more about desiccant packages and their uses, visit a company, such as