Buying A Flow Controller For Your Pressure Washer

3 August 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Having access to a pressure washer can make it easier to keep your home clean. Pressure washers are great for removing dirt and debris from sidewalks, cleaning fences, and clearing out rain gutters. The installation of a flow controller for your pressure washer allows you to maximize its versatility.

Here are three things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a flow controller for your pressure washer in the future.

1. Your pressure washer's maximum flow rate.

The first step when it comes to ensuring you invest in a quality flow controller for your pressure washer is to verify the maximum flow rate for your particular piece of equipment. Since the flow controller will need to restrict the output of water when your pressure washer is set to its maximum flow rate, the controller you buy needs to be durable enough to withstand the pressure this flow rate produces.

Check the user's manual for your pressure washer to determine its maximum flow rate, then look for a flow controller that is rated to withstand the water pressure associated with that flow rate.

2. Connections for both your pressure washer's hose and wand.

Flow controllers are designed to be attached to the end of your pressure washer's hose. The addition of a wand to the hose makes it easier to direct the spray of water produced by your pressure washer, so it's essential that your flow controller is designed to be compatible with both your wand and hose.

Check the connection points on your hose and wand before heading to the hardware store to buy a flow controller. Look for a controller whose couplers are compatible with these connection points and you will ensure that you end up with a flow controller that can be used properly.

3. Durability of the flow controller.

Since your flow controller will be subjected to a tremendous amount of pressure once it has been added to your pressure washer, it's important to ensure the product you buy is made from durable materials.

While a plastic flow controller may be more cost effective initially, plastic can easily crack when exposed to pressurized water. Spending extra for a stainless steel flow controller ensures that the attachment won't break or rust in the future.

The addition of the right flow controller to your pressure washer can help you customize your cleaning experience by regulating the flow rate of the water pushed through your pressure washer. For more information, contact professionals like Ben's Cleaner Sales