3 Tips For Integrating Voice Communication Into Your Freelance Business

29 June 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

As a freelancer, you may overlook the benefits of having a business telephone number or you may simply give out your personal number to clients. Since creating a division between your work and personal life is critical for freelancing success, you should find easy and affordable options to have business number.

Have A Toll-Free Number

One component of establishing voice communication is to have a toll-free number. Since you likely want to attract clients from anywhere across the nation or world, making sure they can contact you without additional charges is necessary. If you currently have a website, check with your hosting company to determine if they offer a free or low-cost toll-free number. This may be offered as an incentive for subscribing to their business or unlimited plans.

You can easily have the toll-free number forwarded to your home or mobile phone, without giving out your personal number. Depending on your specific mobile phone capabilities or the toll-free service you use, you may be able to set up call-forwarding at distinct hours of the day. This will allow any business calls that come in after your established business hours to simply go to voicemail.

Consider VoIP Or Wi-Fi

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is one of the easiest methods of integrating either a local or toll-free number, especially if you have a regular internet connection. If you have a headset, you may be able to take calls through your computer or you can buy a phone that is specifically for use with VoIP. An alternative is Wi-Fi calling. This may be available as an app on your smartphone or as a separate mobile service.

When your smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, this will reduce your consumption of data on your carrier's network and possibly reduce costs. Some companies offer free Wi-Fi voice communication. The service is contingent upon the availability of free, open Wi-Fi networks in your area, so you can continue to use the service when you are commuting.

Try Pay-As-You-Go

With many prepaid mobile carriers available, you may find an option that fits your needs and budget. If you do not expect to handle many calls from clients, choosing a pay-as-you-go service may be the most economical for your needs. Instead of a standard prepaid service where you pay for certain amount of usage per month, you might buy a chunk of minutes and text messages that can be used for several months or a year before you need to purchase more. Since you only need barebones service on this secondary phone, you may not be concerned about the type of phone or the ability to use data.

A business phone number can help more clients find you and increase the professionalism of your business. With many options available for freelancers to integrate voice communication into their business, there is little reason not to have a separate local and/or toll-free business number. For more information, contact Garden State Communications, Inc. or a similar company.