Three Tips To Prepare Your Electronics For Storage

10 June 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Putting your electronics into a storage unit can be an excellent way to free up space inside your home. However, it can be easy for you to make some critical oversights when it comes to preparing these items for storage that can inadvertently cause them to suffer damages. To help you minimize the risk of accidentally damaging your electronics, you should use these three tips to avoid making an oversight when you are preparing these items to go into the storage unit.

Clean The Exterior

Wiping down the exterior of your electronics may not seem like an important step for putting them into storage, but there can be a large amount of dust on the exterior. Over the course of being stored, it can be possible for some of this dust to work its way into the interior of your electronic device, which can cause it to malfunction. Fortunately, you can easily minimize this risk by simply wiping down the exterior with a microfiber cloth. This cloth will remove dust particles without scratching the exterior.

Protect The Power Cord

It can be easy to overlook protecting the power cord, but if this part of the electronic becomes damaged, the entire device can be rendered inoperable. When you fail to properly protect this cord, the prongs on the end can easily become bent or corroded. While this can be a devastating problem for your electronic device to encounter, there are some simple steps that you can take to protect it. One of the more basic things you can do is to wrap the cord around the device so that it will not be in contact with the ground. This will make it easier to avoid accidentally stepping on it and bending the prongs. You will also want to cover these prongs with a cloth to help protect the metal prongs from rust-causing condensation.

Cover The Screen

If your device has a screen, you will want to make it a point to cover it with a piece of cardboard. This is important for protecting the screen from getting scratched when it is being moved into or out of the storage unit. When applying the cardboard to the screen, you will want the cardboard to completely cover the screen, and you should secure it in place with tape. However, you will want to make sure not to get the tape directly on the screen as it can be difficult to remove without damaging the screen.

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