Liftgate Delivery Services: How Companies Can Roll Them Out Successfully

27 March 2023
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you have a company that delivers products to consumers, you may want to roll out liftgate delivery services at some point. This is where you use a truck with a hydraulic platform in the back, which makes it easy to lower heavy loads down before they're delivered to the consumer. You can successfully offer these services if you remember a couple of things.

Experiment With Different Liftgates in Person

The first thing you need to do when offering liftgate delivery services to customers is figure out which liftgate system to invest in. You have several to choose from and to focus on the right model, so you might test different options out in person.

Then you'll be able to review relevant attributes, such as how quickly each liftgate lowers and raises, how much power it offers, and the overall safety it provides. Then you can select an optimal liftgate, set it up on your delivery truck, and provide stress-free liftgate services from here on out.

Make Sure the Load is Properly Secure

Once you find the right liftgate system to equip to your company's delivery truck, now you're ready to use it for real. You just want to make sure your truck drivers take the time to secure loads before they lower them down on this hydraulic platform system.

Then the load will remain in place and as a result, not run the risk of falling down and damaging. Your truck drivers should know how to secure any type of load to the liftgate so that movement is kept to a minimum while the platform lowers and raises.

Review Manufacturer Best Practices

So that you don't have to worry about negative safety incidents with a liftgate system at any point when offering delivery services to customers, make sure you find out what best practices are in place for said system. You just need to consult with the manufacturer that made the liftgate solution.

They'll have key rules to follow, such as not going over a certain amount of weight, inspecting the liftgate at certain intervals, and performing key maintenance steps consistently. These actions can keep the liftgate system in great condition and also prevent accidents for your truck drivers.

Offering liftgate delivery services to your customers may be necessary for large items. You just need to roll them out in a strategic manner, so that your truck drivers and consumers have optimal experiences. For more information, contact a company like Christofferson Moving & Storage.