Court Reporters Aren't Only for Criminal Trials

13 July 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you have seen any court trials on television, you may have seen a court reporter in the background, keeping quick notes about the proceedings. They take down everything said in the hearing to ensure that they provide all the information necessary for those who want to revisit the trial.

Do you have an important meeting or hearing coming up? These are some of the situations where court reporters work.

Divorce & Family Issues

Divorce and other family matters often require a court reporter. A court report may take down statements from parents, children, and other witnesses. Family issues can be complex, so thorough notes are necessary to help lawyers and guardians go over the information to look for inaccuracies and other information.


Court reporters are present to ensure that patent laws are respected. They cover patents issued by individuals and companies to ensure that accurate notes are taken. This can prevent somebody else from issuing the same patent later on.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases also require accurate records because the situation can be so tense. Doctors and patients in these cases both have a lot on the line. With so many words for symptoms, treatments, and side effects involved, getting accurate statements is critical.

Business Issues & Contracts

Court reporters are often present for major business issues. For example, a court reporter might take notes when somebody has been fired. This helps cover everybody involved, putting a stop to potential allegations about unfair business practices in the future.

Personal Injuries & Workers' Comp

Personal injuries and workers' compensation are both serious issues, and people want to know that their words are written down accurately. They want to know that they are not being taken advantage of by a large company. Court reporters provide accurate records.

Insurance Issues

Insurance matters require careful records to ensure that one party is not taken advantage of. People like to review these transcripts later, especially if they will be taking a case to court after insurance fails to provide adequate coverage.

Court Reporters Help a Variety of Situations

A court reporter can help with many situations in which you want an accurate and verbatim record of exactly what people said during a trial or deposition. They are also used for a variety of meetings and other circumstances. If you need a court reporter, reach out to one today to learn about their services.