Three Reasons To Preplan Your Funeral And Burial Arrangements

15 July 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

As painful as it might be to imagine, death is a journey every person must travel one day. For those left behind, the burden can be tremendous, from both an emotional and financial standpoint. While the transition will still be a challenge, you can help make things easier for your family by taking care of your arrangements ahead of time.

Eliminate Financial Worries

The average funeral and burial costs between $7,000 and $10,000. This is a significant amount of money for the average person to have to come up with unexpectedly. Why put this financial pressure on your loved ones? When you preplan you also pay for these services ahead of time.

If you can't pay at one time, you can also set up a payment installment agreement to pay down the balance over time. Your family will find solace in the fact that not only has this already been taken care of, but you cared enough for them to take this burden off their shoulders.  

Create Your Own Legacy

Preplanning affords the opportunity to create your own legacy. Memorials and traditional funeral services are times for loved ones to gather and reflect on your life. Make sure they walk away with a true glimpse of you. Without preplanning, loved ones have to guess what you would have wanted.

This is true not just for the service, but also when it comes to things like custom casket selection. With preplanning you can select your own casket. You can even have the casket customized to meet your specifications, even if this means adding elements from your favorite team, color or hobby to the design.

Greater Peace Of Mind

Believe it or not, preplanning can also give you an increased peace of mind. You undoubtedly care about the well-being of your loved ones very much. When many people think about death, they often wonder about how well their family will carry on in the event of their departure.

Preplanning can help give you a sense of relief that your family will be taken care of. Instead of having to rely on a savings or insurance policy to cover the cost of burial, they can rely on these financial means to meet day-to-day obligations. Knowing that you've covered all your bases to protect your family will bring a sense of relief.

Death is never an easy change to process for anyone. However, your preplanning can help your loved ones move through this process easier.